Telling Time

My next big unit in math is telling time.

I'll admit, it's not one of my favorite units to teach.  By a long shot.

I began the lesson plans and very quickly got sidetracked by Pinterest... I have a very bad habit of pinning things and then never going back to find them.  But in my sidetrackedness I decided to check out my math board and see what I'd pinned... Turns out, I've got some pretty good taste!

I'm going to share a few pins I plan to use to vamp up my math unit in the hopes you'll be able to use them, too!

I have these owls printed out and ready to color!  I think this is an adorable manipulative (it's an owl, y'all... I can't NOT pass it up!) These would be perfect for a guided math activity, review, or practice at home.  The kiddos can color these.  A little laminating, glue, and popsicle sticks later, you've got a math manipulative!

These math games are perfect for differentiating a math station, or even a quick review or formative assessment at the table!  I only wish she had made one for telling time to 5 minutes, but I think I could whip one up similar to add to this collection. Very low prep...just print, gather some markers, and dice...GO!

The last pin is one that reminds me of all the bump style games for addition and subtraction.  The creator got some 1" foam squares from a store to use for the markers, but I think 2 sided counters would work, too.  Looks like a fun little review/practice game for a center game.

I hope you will check out my Telling Time board below and pin a few activities for your own classroom.  I know I will be adding to this as I get distracted from planning!

Thanks for stopping by today!
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