Busy Weekend for a Birthday!

Wow...what a week!

Monday- conference night... Tuesday- PLC... Wednesday- Meet with the literacy coach to go over new transitional reader lesson plan... Thursday- Meet with the math coaches to look at Exemplars and guided math... Friday- go to MAP reports training.

Sigh... and today's my birthday so I'm off later to celebrate (yay!) with my family.  Hoping for a Packers win today... :)

So, here's a quick look at What We're Learning This Week!!

My student teacher has started teaching just about everything with the exception of my reading and math groups.  With the spread of ability I have, I'm teaching three reading groups while she teaches two.  She'll take over math groups next week. In Math, we'll be learning about different ways to write and represent numbers, including expanded, standard, and word forms.

Famous Americans is our new unit for the next three weeks of Social Studies.  We used to teach them in February (ya know, when Presidents' Day falls...ahem...) and we taught First Americans in the fall...(ya know, when it's Fall and Thanksgiving...ahem...) but someone decided to change that...so we will be learning about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Helen Keller this week, and next week Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  I can't wait to see what activities she'll have.

Now, the Sunday scoop!!

I'm linking up again with the Teaching Trio and here's a quick look at what I've got going on today!  

Like I said, today is my birthday, so much of today will revolve around that.  I'm really hoping that my Packers pull off a win against the Bears, but we'll have to wait and see how that goes.  My little laptop suffered a fate too unspeakable to mention (the 1 year old got a hold of it and jumped on it...up and down...numerous times)... while the screen is obviously busted, the hard drive is fine...hook up to the old monitor and boom!  But I don't like being tucked away from the kids while I get my tech fix for the day, so for my birthday, the hubs bought me a Galaxy Tablet.  It's awesome.  I have a Galaxy 3 phone, so while there are a few things different, I've pretty much got the gist of how to use it.  And I'm very, very happy to get a piece of apple pie and vanilla ice cream later. No cake for this girl, my daddy and I (both September birthdays) get apple pie and ice cream to celebrate.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful fall Sunday and a great week at school!  Check out what everyone else is doing on their Sunday Scoops.  Leave them some love!

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