A Little Fall Retail Therapy Post War of the Sippy Cups

It finally feels like fall today!  It is a gorgeous day in Virginia, great day for some college football, pumpkin picking, and a little retail therapy.  

My plans today were to go to my classroom and work since the kids are with Grandma, the hubs is at work, and I need to switch out my September stuff...

My badge is in my truck.  

My husband drove my truck to work today because he's worked 22 days straight and wanted to give his car a rest.  


So, I'm at home...at least it's quiet and I can do a little blogging and online retail therapy without breaking up the World War Three of the Sippy Cups and checking girls for hives. <-- That's an interesting story there.  Are you noticing my life is never dull?

The Bumblebee decided that she would clobber the Ladybug in the head with her sippy cup this morning.  You would think the Ladybug being 4 years older and 4 years bigger than the Bumblebee would do something to prevent this.  You would be mistaken.  After about 5 hits to the temple, the Treaty of Mother had to intervene and send them back to their respective countries.  Hives are fun on a five year old... Hives at Five!  The Ladybug ran out of her soap and we used Mom's... resulting in hives.  The night before Kindergarten picture day.  And they reappeared the morning of picture day.  And again last night.  At 11:30 just as I had gone to sleep.  Thanks, Murphy.  Your law sucks.

And then Grandma calls... Hallelujah!

After this week, I'm ready for some solo time.  Without going into much detail there, it's been a very stressful week.  Things are looking better but whooo..was it hard getting past that point.  So, I'd planned on going to work in the quiet with a little Pink Floyd to mellow things out...packed my bags, grabbed my keys......

And remembered....


So, I'll just hang out here today and work from home.  Trying to swap out math and literacy stations...not so easy from home, but it'll get done.  Maybe I can run over tomorrow for a bit... with the girls...

So, I'm going to check out some $uper $aturday $ales at the link up over at The Learning Highway...  I've got some featured items 50% off- two fall themed items... So, if you feel like some retail therapy without leaving your PJs or getting your car keys out... head on over and see what you can find.  And it's not too late to add your items - check it out!!  I'm going to find some new station ideas. 

Maybe after I hit the drive thru... since it's just me and all :)

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