Oh, Happy Snow Day!

Happy, happy snow day!

I'm sitting in my warm home, drinking coffee, listening to the sounds of keys, a dog licking, and my children outside playing while my husband is scraping snow from our driveway.


While I have been writing blog posts, they are mostly half written and not worth the time I've put into them lately.  I'll finish some up this week, because it looks as if blogging will be more of my job than actually teaching, thanks to {insert voice over man...} Winter Storm Octavia.

I had a student named Octavia once...not sure that name comes to mind when I think of impending doom by snow, wind, and ass clenching cold.  (Can you say ass on a teacher blog??)  

My friends (who happen to be my co-workers!) and I have coined that expression, along with a few more graphic ones that will remain within the circle of trust.

You do know about the circle of trust, correct?

I know I am shamefully digressing away from anything educational at this point, but hey, it is a snow day. 

As the school closures are starting to blow up my cell phone (except for my district...we'll get a 7:15 phone call) I can't help but wonder if my students find the same joy as my brothers and I on snow days.  Do kids even go outside anymore?  Have they been turned into Xbox zombies who only come outside to get on the bus to go to school?

I tried to listen earlier if there were any kids outside playing.  Granted, my neighborhood isn't as kid populated as it has been in previous years, but I thought I did hear some screaming kids.  I hope my students got to experience numb fingers and toes, a drippy nose, rosy frozen cheeks, and a wet butt.  I hope they were able to experience eating snow and getting hit in the face full on by a powdery snowball.  I hope an older sibling knocked them down face first into the snow (without getting hurt, I do have a heart!)

I want my students to know there is more than life sitting around playing games on a device.  I fear that we are getting away from experiencing life outside of a 4G signal.  I hope when we go back to school next week (hehe, yes, I'm being very optimistic...but in reality, it could happen) my students are rested and full of snow stories, snowball fights, face plants, and wet butts.  I hope they are experiencing some good childhood memories, not just aiming for a new high score on Minecraft.  

End rant... thank you for letting me speak my mind.  I leave you now with a few childhood memories made this afternoon by my girls.

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