Fall Sensory Poems

We are ready for fall in my 2nd grade classroom!  It's a good thing, because fall has finally started to show her colors.

We took a little break from writing last week to work on some Fall poetry.  We started out by brainstorming some of our favorite fall things... and how they made us feel... or how they tasted... or smelt...

We had some rumbling stomachs by the time we were finished brainstorming.  Isn't it funny how we always go back to food??

I had giant pumpkins cut out with stems and leaves.  I wrote each child's name on a leaf.  These were ready and waiting for our final products!

I wrote up the frame for our sensory poem and wrote an example for the kids to follow.

Here is what I wrote:

Not anything that will be winning any literary awards, but an example, nonetheless!

Here are some examples of some of the most descriptive choices!

Gym socks and worms??  You got me on that one...

Grab a copy of my template by clicking on the picture below!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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