Virginia is for Book Lovers!

I have been waiting patiently for this day, and now it's finally arrived!  I'm so excited to join up with 18 other Virginia bloggers and bring you a total of 19 resources and a chance to win one or all of them!  How awesome is that!

I was one of those kids whose nose was always in a book.  My mom would read to me at night and some of my earliest memories involved a book.  Beatrix Potter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ann Martin, Lucy Montgomery were a few of my favorite authors growing up.  During the summer, I would go to work with my grandfather in his dental lab.  My "payment" was going by the bookstore and picking out a book.  He bought me my first copy of Anne of Green Gables which has to be my all time favorite book.  I hope to give that copy to my daughters to read one day.  I also have another edition he and my grandmother gave me for a Christmas present that I cherish.

Picking a book for this hop wasn't as hard as I originally thought it would be.  While I wasn't familiar with this author growing up, I can certainly relate to his story.  Tomie dePaola has quickly become one of my favorite authors to use in my classroom.  His story The Art Lesson reminded me so much of my family that I felt it would be a perfect story to share.

While I'm not so artsy in the respect of painting or drawing (I'm not too bad, but I have others in my family who are much more talented than I!) I grew up with art all around me.  My mom, before she went back to school to teach, was a volunteer art teacher at my elementary school for many years.  My great-grandmother was a sculptor and painter (I have one of her paintings hanging in my house!)  My grandmother has many paintings in her home that she painted.  My brothers are awesome artists, one is a tattoo artist and the other paints and does some recycled art.  Me?  I just doodle.  Nothing in comparison!!

The character Tommy in The Art Lesson is actually Tomie dePaola himself, it gives the reader a glimpse into how Tomie the illustrator was formed and molded into the artist he is today.  The encouragement he received from his family and friends helped him to continue his dream of becoming an artist.  I love that he knew as a small child that he wanted to become an artist when he grew up.  

The resource that goes along with this story includes a writing brainstorm/publishing organizer with the prompt "When I Grow Up, I Want to be a...", analyzing Tommy's character, making connections to the story, an opinion piece, "Fair, or Not Fair", and a story elements graphic organizer.  Click the picture below to take you to your free copy!

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