A Balmy Sunday Scoop

It's been quite the week of winter here in Southern Virginia.

But today, it's 55 degrees... can we dare think of flip flops??  The inches of snow and sleet are melting quickly!

The cold weather is going to return tomorrow night, but my little family and I are enjoying a sunny Sunday.  Made the weekly grocery trip not so unpleasant feeling a little warmth and sunshine on the face.

I'm linking up again with the Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop!

Yeah, I really didn't do much school work this past week (shame on me...not really!)  I played with my girls and enjoyed some family time.  I might grade some papers after the race and my nap... maybe.  Since football is over, I'm glad to have something to watch on Sundays.  My husband is to blame for the NASCAR in this house.  I couldn't stand it before I met him, but it is interesting to watch.  I've even been to a few races!  It is my favorite time for a nap... the humming of the engines is the perfect white noise, especially at the restrictor plate races!!

I'm happy to say that we got a contract on our house and our offer for the house we wanted was accepted!  We'd been trying to sell our house for almost a year and the luck was with us this time!  So, if all goes to plan, we'll be closing on our house in mid April, but the fun has just begun.  I hate paperwork, I hate financial stuff... I leave all that to the hubs.  So I'm hoping for this to be a painless process!

We are also enjoying today's weather... It's 55 degrees!!  Is it flip flop weather yet??

It's supposed to be cold again this week, so we're enjoying some warmth and sunshine.  If there were a dry spot outside, I think I'd nap out there... a week of snow is melting and it's a mushy mess!  No flip flops today...

Hope you all have a wonderful school week, and for those, who like me, are returning after a mid winter break, happy day back.  Hope you have your coffee!!

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