Happy birthday!

This is my favorite time of year.  I love fall... football, the leaves change, the air gets a nip...

and it's my birthday weekend!

I've always struggled with celebrating birthdays in my classroom.  It's always been the balance of too much attention versus too little attention.  Some kids want the song and dance, while others, like me, didn't want any extra attention drawn to them.  Some parents want to sugar up the kids right before their math test (ahhhh!) and some parents can't send in cupcakes for the class.

How do you keep it fair for everyone and keep the child happy?

I had a student one year in tears because "Mom said she'd bring me cupcakes at lunch" and she never showed.  

The long and short of it all...you are the "Mom" or "Dad" of your students while they are with you throughout the day.  You'll know whether the child who says two words to you all day will want her classmates to sing "Happy Birthday" to them or just a quiet hug at the door and a whisper of "Happy birthday" to them as he gets unpacked in the morning.  I keep it simple for my kiddos.  I have a pencil and a birthday sticker waiting for them when they arrive.  Most kids want the song and dance.  But there will be a few introverts that will appreciate the subtlety.  

Yes, most kids want that recognition.  Just make them feel special on their special day :)  How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom??

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