Sunday Scoop 9-21

Today's Sunday Scoop and What We're Learning is going to be short and sweet today... I've been up since 5 with the Bumblebee who decided it was a great time to get up and play (fail!) and since she's now asleep, I think I need to be as well. 

My student teacher begins taking over reading and will continue to teach math and science.  I'm really enjoying seeing my students from another perspective.  Shout out to my student teacher- she's doing a really good job with her instruction :)  the kids are engaged and excited to learn.  You should see 7 year olds trying to say precipitation, evaporation, and condensation!

We'll start place value tomorrow and for my upper math groups I'm going to introduce my Tic Tac Toe Plus! Place Value games that I finished up last week.  I'm really excited to see them play because I think they'll love it.  

Now, today's Sunday Scoop!

I hate laundry.  I hate getting clothes ready for girls.  Boys would be so much easier.  Lesson plans will have to wait until post-nap.  Priorities... yes, the bag of candy corn has already been opened... yes, there is some left.  I won't say how much... :)

My good buddy gave me her husband's recipe for white bean chicken chili that looked so, so, so yummy that I begged for the recipe.  It's on tap for dinner tonight, post-nap.  I need to finish printing my tic tac toe place value game and get it ready for tomorrow...again, yes, you got it... post-nap.  See a pattern here?? I sit and watch the Philly/Washington game... I'm anxiously waiting to plan my first trip to Philly and my first NFL game.  No, it's not a Green Bay game, which will happen one day, but it's a good place to start since it's my hubs favorite team.  

Okay...on to my nap.  Leave some love while I'm off in snooze land.  Have a great week y'all!

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