It's Time for the Sunday Scoop!

It's time for the Sunday scoop!  Whoop!

Last week was a better week at school.  Kiddos are finally getting into a routine (except for MAP testing...ugh!) but we are done with testing until January!  Now we can settle down and get back into our small groups and get to learning!

Here's what we're learning this week!

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My student teacher is taking over whole group math and science this week and has lots of cute activities planned.  Water cycle is hard for most 2nd graders, just the overall vocabulary... visualize 6 and 7 year olds trying to say condensation, evaporation, precipitation three times fast with no front teeth!

So, on to the Sunday Scoop!  I'm linking up again to the Teaching Trio to share what's going on!

Have to do today:
Math small group lesson plans- we've had to put small groups on the back burner the past two weeks due to PALs and MAP testing, but we're raring to get back into them this week!  The lesson plan that my district created was a bear, but tweaking it to fit my BUILD rotations makes it a little easier to plan.  I have some really weak students, so differentiation will be key!

This week's read aloud- We are working on making predictions and making connections.  In our Making Meaning curriculum, we'll be reading  Jamaica Tag-Along and making connections to character feelings.  I've also found a really good combo of predicting and connecting on TPT using the read aloud Owen by Kevin Henkes (I love his books!)  If you download, please follow and leave some great feedback!  

Disinfect- It's that time of year, my friends... My bumblebee *might* have a mild case of hand, foot, and mouth.  Not sure, but it's looking more likely.  She has two little blisters on her foot, but none elsewhere and no fever.  Hoping that it goes by her quickly and painlessly.  Not to mention, I don't want to write sub plans for a Monday! (selfish momma!)

Today will be spent being doctor, teacher, momma, and sports fan.  Lots of football games (Go Pack, go! you owe me from last week!!!) and racing at Chicago (Go Junior!)  If time allows, I hope to work on some new math units I came up with!  

Have a wonderful Sunday, y'all!

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