To hold, or not to hold...

One of my little friends this year has quite the grip on her pencil.

Beautiful handwriting...but a scary little grip, and tedious to write... When I first saw it, I thought, she's gotten to 2nd grade writing this way...handwriting is gorgeous, so why try to fix it?

I was contacted by The Pencil Grip company to test these little grips out in my classroom, and I thought...I have the PERFECT candidate to give this a whirl!

I had to wait a week to get back into the classroom because of the monster snowstorm we got in Virginia, but went right to work trying out these pencil grips!

They are so comfortable to write with...even for adults playing with them.  I like having different choices grips.   There are three that I tried out:  the Original Pencil Grip, Crossover Pencil Grip, and the Pinch Grip (below).


Watching my friend write with the pencil, I noticed she seemed very comfortable with the grip... not to mention her handwriting wasn't affected by the grip.  I showed her how to hold her pencil using the guide and she was set!  She really liked the original pencil grip (and it had sparkles in it!)  Her use of the grip was very smooth and handwriting was just as neat!

My other friend thought it was a blast to write with.  The first words out of his mouth... "It's really comfortable!"  He tried out the crossover grip while working on his word study words.

My kiddos give it a thumbs up!

I'd like to giveaway a few sets!  Enter the rafflecopter below to win a set for your own classroom!

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