How to Link Other Products in Your TPT Store

I was working on the TpT Seller Makeover Challenge...and taking my listings to the next step...adding links to similar products and what not... 

You know something?  Adding all those links is. TEDIOUS.  I mean, really, really tedious!  

There has to be a quicker way...

So, light bulb may not be easier, but I'm all about copying and pasting!

I was thinking about how to link all my monthly themed two step word problems together.  Last night, I spent over an hour copying code and pasting all my Practice Me Dolch packets...  I did not want to spend that time today doing this!  Besides, I'm supposed to be packing and cleaning for the beach, not working on TpT stuff!  {Shhh!!!  Don't tell the hubs!}

So, what to do???

And this is what I thought of....

I opened up Word Notepad and starting typing the link code... In case you don't know, this is what you type:


SN:  If you are typing the link in Word, it will automatically want to make the link a clickable one...when the url turns BLUE, immediately hit undo or ctrl z... it takes out the " " and will mess up your coding...

BIG SN!!! -->  Don't type your code in Word!  Use Notepad...  I didn't click the links when I went to see if the entire document would paste... you completely lose your formatting and get the APPEARANCE of clickable links!!  Ugh... nothing is ever easy, is it??

and ta-da! you have a clickable link!

Go to your TPT page and go where you edit your product's listing.  Paste the code where you'd like it to show in your product description.

I am copying and pasting the whole shabang and then deleting the one I don't need onto my product listing... for example, if I'm copying this into my December Word Problems, I'll take out that link because I obviously don't need it again!

Definitely save the Word Notepad document so you can use it again if you create similar products that you'd like to link.  I saved mine where I keep all my product files.

Time saver!!!  Where was this idea last night??

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