Freebies for Back to School!

Sorry, I said it...

Walmart has it everywhere...

Yeah, it's Back to School time!

To lessen the blow a little, I thought I'd search around for some awesome freebies to help make the transition a little sweeter...and cheaper!  Use the money you saved on yourself!!  If you do download, please leave feedback for these awesome sellers and bloggers!

Need a visual schedule in your classroom?  Ashley at Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd Grade has an adorable set of schedule cards, all for free!

I've enjoyed watching Ashley on Periscope... check her out!  Don't have Periscope?  Find it in your app store and download.  It's a blast to watch!

Who doesn't have to keep up with DATA...why not make it cute and simple!  The Creekside Teacher Tales has this awesome set of data forms for your small group reading to help keep up with your kiddos.  I know I am beyond the point of trying to remember its and forms like this are awesome to help me look back.
Another tool teachers need are information about our students.  Who better to tell us about our kids than their parents/guardians?  Here's a great set of forms by Halle at Across the Hall in 2nd.  She also blogs at Owl-ways Be Inspired (an awesome site!!) This is a dropbox download, so save it to your computer.

Clip Charts... you either love them or hate them!  Below are several different types and different ideologies behind them...Click on the images to download from TpT.



Don't see one that matches your theme?  Click here to search more!
There are also tons of affordable clip charts - check those out as well!

That's all for now.  I'll hunt around and see what other goodies I can find!  If you have something you think I should add for other teachers, please leave me a comment and I'll see what I can dig up.

My friends laugh at me because I can find almost anything!

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