Makeover Madness!

Are you up to the TPT seller's challenge?

I'm trying!  

Last summer I sat down and went through my store and updated covers, made a few new units, and even changed the name of my blog!  It's taken a bit to recover from the switch, but I am happy that I did it.  It's much more ME!

So, what product did I choose to revamp?  I chose to look at my Tic Tac Toe Plus games and work on making them a better overall product.  

Before, they looked like this:


Not too bad... colorful, cute clip art and fonts, but it just wasn't right.... and why separate them?  So, I played around with a few ideas and came up with a cover for the both!  Bundle baby, bundle!!

I like this much better!  The background isn't as busy, the title is in a clearer font.  I included small pictures of the actual games, and my newer blog button.  I think it's a much better fit, and better fit for the other product covers in my store!

So, are you accepting the TPT seller challenge?  It's been fun taking another look at my products, not to mention getting to meet fabulous new bloggers!  Check out the challenge for yourself!  (Click here for my previous blog post to link back to the TPT challenge!)

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