BUILDing Math Stations and Giveaway!

Busy, busy, busy is not a word I normally associate with October.  But I am glad to see it go and November in its place!

My calendar had something on it almost every day for the last two weeks of October... and then my husband decides, hey, let's go out of town...sheesh...

But tomorrow is Election Day and we have the day off (hallelujah!) and my girls and I will get a day of much needed relaxation.  

I had a lot of good response to my BUILD post a few weeks ago.  If you missed out on it, you should check it out...especially if you had a hard time getting math stations up and running like I did.  BUILD is so much easier and the kids have really enjoyed it.

A colleague of mine emailed the other day with a very interesting do I hold my kids accountable for their learning at each station?  


Good question... Don't want to add worksheets....(tsk, tsk, tsk...) Don't want to use any more paper to make copies....(shake my head...) so, what is the solution?  

In all of the professional development days I've had in the past few years (and there has been a number of them!!) the common theme is to reflect....and reflect....and reflect again.  So, if I the teacher should be in the habit of reflecting, why not little children in 2nd grade using my BUILD math stations??

So, that's what I came up with...a weekly reflection/contract that will hold them accountable for the work/games they do at the stations each week.  Yes, it is one more piece of paper to get copied...but I think it is a worthwhile piece, all sarcasm aside.  

I really like it because the questions really make each student think about the purpose behind the game/station they are working on each day.  While I don't expect in depth, thesis quality reflections from 2nd graders, I do expect them to be able to think about the why and how the math skill can be applicable to daily life, or how you can learn from working together, etc.

Well, if you are not a fan of advertisements, then I apologize, but I have uploaded all my BUILD files into a packet on my TPT store.  It includes my station box signs, rotation and student schedules, and the weekly reflection and contract you see above.  It is only $2.50 but I will love to give it away to two lucky people!  Hit up the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!!
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