Back to School! and a giveaway

Who had to get up early this morning and go back to work?

Who got to school and realized the air conditioner wasn't working just right??

This is my sad attempt at a sad selfie... #notaselfiefan!

Anyways, my day was spent in meetings... breakfast meet and greet, lunch with the faculty, faculty meeting allll afternoon, and then trying to get my room in some semblance of order.  On the agenda for Tuesday??  Surprise!!! more meetings...bleh.

Am I excited for this school year?  Surprisingly, yes.  I am making a real effort to look at things in a positive light this year.  If you follow me on my Facebook page, you've seen me post some quotes on there.  Those are great reminders for me, personally, to approach the day with a good, positive outlook.

While I don't really have anything else profound to share, I do have a cute idea to pass along.  If you know of any moms who buy Gerber baby food (this is not promoting, endorsing, blah, blah) ask them to save the lids for you!  

These lids have cute little critters on them along with their name... these could be used for a multitude of things in the classroom... I mainly thought of sorting by syllables, vowel sounds, even putting them in ABC order.  There are several different animals so lots of options!  Think of something else you could do with these??  Let me a comment!

Also, be a dear and check out my good pal Mrs. O at Mrs. O "Knows"... she is celebrating her 2nd blogversary!!  

Here is what's up for grabs on the first day of 5 days of goodies!  Lots of goodies from primary teachers! And I hear there's one of those awesome pencil sharpeners as a prize, too...

You know.... these pencil sharpeners... which they have in PINK now!!

So, head over to my good buddy Mrs. O's page and good luck!!  Check back every day this week!!

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