Five for Friday!

Fun times this week!!  Here's what's been going on in front and behind the scenes!

Working on finishing up the decor in my classroom... lots of dust, burns, and a few 8 legged creatures...ughhhh...

I've also been busy putting together my teacher is a BEAST!!!  But since I'm grade chair this year, I have to be organized....Repeat after me... must be organized, must be organized!!

Spending the last few days of "summer" getting in as much sunshine and pool time with my buddies as possible!  These turkeys are gonna be life long buddies!

Looking forward to getting some SHOPPING done this weekend!  It's tax free weekend in Virginia, on the heels of payday... While the savings are so-so, I do enjoy getting some exercise in!  Momma and future kindergartener need some clothes! And shoes, scarves, accessories, etc....

Anyone else do this?? Baha!

And lastly, tomorrow we are taking the big girl to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate the fact that she's been sleeping in her bed all week.  Those of you who know me in person know what an accomplishment this is, over 2 years in the making!  Natalie has been sleeping on the couch or on the living room floor since she could climb out of her crib at 2 and a half!  Her bedroom is upstairs and ours is downstairs and she didn't like being up their by herself.  With baby sister in her crib (with me in the room! see Five for Friday in about 3 years....ugh.) she feels a little more comfy in her room.  

Well, that's my Five for Friday!  Check out Doodlebug's link up and see what everyone else is up to! 
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