Excuse the proud Momma moment but...

You know those parents who constantly bombard social media with updates and photos of their kids doing who knows what??

Well, that's me today!

I took some time off blogging to be with this kiddo and now she's having her first birthday!

Can't believe my bumblebee is a year old today!  To celebrate, I'm having a sale on everything in my TPT store (20% off!) through Wednesday!  I don't like to do "ads" on my blog but since it is close to BTS time and all, I thought I'd mention it.  

This week I'm getting back in my classroom to set up and learn how to use my Smart Board.  Thanks for all the feedback and comments left about what you use and how much fun they are!  I will try to respond back tomorrow...busy birthday day today!

Have you gotten back in your classrooms yet?  Are you dreading it or looking forward to it?  I have mixed feelings about it but I am excited to get things set up.  Then I refuse to go back until I have to!

Happy Sunday y'all!!

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