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The past few weeks, I've not thought about school, well, in the sense that I've not bought, made, browsed, or even been to my new classroom.  It's been in the dark, deep, recesses of my mind (haha) but not in the physical state.

That's about to change.

The return to school date is looming ever so closer on my non-existent calendar.  So after my east coast tour from Lake Erie to the Atlantic Ocean (literally- we went from Toledo to the Outer Banks in the course of two trips and two weeks!), it's time to turn my attention to my classroom.


I went to Target with the hopes of hitting up the dollar spot for some goodies for my classroom.  My theme is still owls, but I want to incorporate more turquoise/blue because it's one of my favorite colors.  As I entered the doors of Target, I could see that the dollar spot had been butchered.  That's what I get for being on vacation.  There were hardly any "teachery" things left!  I did find a cute banner that is turquoise.. There were lots of file folders, bulletin board boarders, and pencils...none of which were on my list.  So sad.

Target Dollar Spot Finds Target Dollar Spot Finds

I was looking for this that I saw on Instagram:

Target Dollar Spot Finds
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Was it there?  Nada.  Target, you really need the dollar spot online.  I don't even care if it doesn't qualify for free shipping.  Well, maybe I do, but you get the point.  They also have lots of colors of Sharpies in singles...$1.50.  I guessed it... 2 in turquoise!  Semi-redemption for the dollar spot sell out.

But my real surprise... The hubs had to run into Home Depot to pick up an order, so while we waited, I looked around.  Swoon!  They had lots of goodies up front... I must have had some kind of goofy look on my face because one of the associates came up to me and asked me if I needed any help.  No, I replied, I'm just a teacher and loving these! (as I pointed to the blue stackable containers that I later purchased.)

BTS Finds at Home Depot BTS Finds at Home Depot

I'm thinking about using these for lunch boxes or homework... When I taught 2nd, I had my kids put lunchboxes on top of the cubbies... But my cubbies are a little taller, so I have room to stack these below.  We'll see how it works out.  Besides, they were blue.  And $4.88 a piece.  And I wanted them. The wooden crates were a great deal, too, at $9 and change, but didn't need them.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to my room and getting things set up.  Be on the look out for pics of my new 4th grade classroom!  In the meantime, share your Target finds or great teacher/school finds from anywhere!
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