Bright Idea for a Sunday Scoop

I love Sundays.

See and be with my family at church, leisurely afternoons watching football (Go Pack!!) and a little blogging to get back into the swing of the week.  Today I'm linking up with the Sunday Scoop over at the Teaching Trio.  

I thought I'd add a little  organization tip to my post today because it's Sunday and this goes along with Sundays....

My grandmother bakes for church every week.  We have a little cake and coffee after service.  She started saving the icing containers for my mom to use for random things, and after playing around with them, she noticed they'd fit a 24 pack of crayons.  Perfectly.  Thus, a bright idea was born!

Background from The Candy Class
Mom put these crayons in the church pew for my girls to use during service when they got restless.  We had talked about how to store crayons... pouches versus boxes... buying those crayon boxes for each student.  This is a great way to keep up with crayons, especially if you bake or know someone who does!

On to the Sunday Scoop!

I'm enjoying a nice Sunday (which is my Saturday since we don't have school Monday) sitting with the fam and watching some Packer football.  Following Aaron Rodgers' good advice and R-E-L-A-Xing!  He is the man, you know.

Happy Sunday and Go Pack, Go!

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