Two for Tuesday

Today's Two for Tuesday is all about graphic organizers. Reading graphic organizers, that is.

Being a visual learner myself, I love using graphic organizers to teach with.  They help to guide student's focus and thinking on one task at a time so it is not so overwhelming when a teacher says, "Here, tell me what you know from this story. Go."

When my district took away our basal reading series and told us to teach using graphic organizers and read alouds, we were a little lost.  Terrified, more like it.  But once we figured out exactly what we wanted and had an idea to go from, we were not as scared.  Now we use them all the time.  They are great for multi-level classrooms.  While the task is still the same, students can be reading on their level and still accomplish the same goal.

My two reading graphic organizer packets are on sale half off today!  Here's a little more about them.

You get three different graphic organizers for each month.  One set focuses on characters, setting, and beginning, middle, and end.  This one has some scaffolding to help students if they don't know exactly what to look for.  The other two deal with characters, setting, problem, and solution.  One is scaffolded while the other is not.  Each set has a rubric for easy grading.  They are $1.50 for today only!  Click the picture or here to see them in my store.

My other set is a combination of reading organizers that I use throughout the year, no theme to these.  They are 75 cents today only!  Click on my store to see the description.

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